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Warren Faidley is America's original, professional storm chasing photographer. A Google search under his unique name produces an average of over 60,000 references.

Warren is a 31-year veteran of chasing some of the planet's most extreme weather, including thousands of individual storms and natural disasters. He is an awarding winning photojournalist, international lecturer and hands-on storm and natural disaster survival expert.

Warren was a consultant for the motion Picture "Twister" and his tornado photography was used exclusively for product branding, including the official movie poster and DVD / CD packaging. Warren's photography has been used around the world in countless publications. His credits and clients have included Paul McCartney, The NFL, NASCAR, Warner Bros., MTV and Life / Time Publications.

You have likley see Warren featured on television and in print articles including National Geographic, The Discovery Channel Risk Takers, and The Weather Channel.

Warren is a graduate of the University of Arizona and a Certified EMT / Combat Casulty Care Medic.

Customer Reviews.....

"I was able to reschedule my original chase dates to a more active time for free! Had I been with another storm chasing tour group, I would have lost my entire investment. "   R. King. 2016.

"Best time I ever had, hands down! Better than any regular storm tour or tornado tour."   D. Connell. 2005.

"Warren is the Michael Jordan of chasing!"   Dr. R. Moles. 2005.

"My wife and I had a nightmare experience with an upstart "storm tour" in 2012. One man in the van never showered and another reeked of cigarettes. Warren's adventure was a blessing. The front seat ride was well worth the extra money... like the difference between sitting in 22A on a 747 and being in the cockpit!"   Mr. A. Brown. 2014.

"Thanks so much for delivering a first class, stellar tornado holiday filled with action. Warren is the best guide there is and I felt comfortable and safe the entire time."    T. Brown. (London, England) 2010.

Basic Storm Chaser Tours - Tornado Expeditions Information - A must read!

We are based out of Amarillo, TX, but may also operate out of Denver, Colorado or Oklahoma City, OK. To be determined by seasonal weather patterns. Participants are required to arrive one day before the scheduled start date, and depart on the day after the scheduled departure date. Some flexibility on noted dates can be discussed.

Price does not include inbound or outbound transportation, lodging or meals unless included in the package. A 50% deposit is required to hold a date. In most instances, this deposit cannot be refunded. (See terms of deposit listed below).

Price is per person. There is a 10 precent discount for booking two people at the same time, or a 10 percent discount for booking two consecutive periods.

No Hassle Cancellations! Most of our expeditions include (unless otherwise noted) a "no hassle" cancellation policy. We understand things can change between the time you schedule your expedition and your chase period. If you cancel (within a required time period), for any reason, you may apply any paid funds to a future chase date within the current or following chase year. Please note that we are the only professional storm expedition group who offers this option. Our cancellation policy also extends to chase periods that we cancel due to the lack of pursuable severe weather.

Why storm chase with us and cost comparisons: Although our storm chasing tours cost more than traditional "van tours," you get what you pay for. Although there are several fine van tour companies, some people say they would not chase again in a crowded rental van, with passengers often smelling like cigarette smoke or worse. Nor do you always get the best seat (view) in a van. Some van tours stay in low budget hotels. We don't unless it's an emergency. Van tours DO NOT offer a cancellation policy as we do. In 2018 over 90% of chase days were bust and people threw away a lot of money to see hot blue skies. For cost comparisons, it costs over $40k to climb Mt. Everest. A quick, 1-hour flight in a P-51 Mustang costs over $3,500 and 40 hours of personal, professional photography instruction would cost about $6,000. Again, you get what you pay for.

Please email us for any questions or to make a reservation.

Tornado Expeditions Scheduled for 2018

1: March 1 though May 17th. Stand-by chases on outbreak days:

If you really want to see a tornado, this program may offer you the best opportunity. We have a 100% tornado intercept rate for our standby chases. You must be ready to depart within a 5-6 day advanced warning and a 24-48 hour final notice. This is generally during a "High Risk" of severe weather. See complete information about our stand-by chase program here.

2: May 19 though June 10. Tornado Alley Expeditions:

Our classic storm chase tour and tornado tour program with 5-day expeditions. (Schedule seen directly below).

3: July 12 though August 12. Arizona Monsoon Expeditions

Track the world class lightning and dust storms as they sweep across southern Arizona. Includes photo expedition at no extra charge. A great way to chase at an affordable cost. See details here.

Our 2018 Tornado Alley Expeditions ARE SOLD OUT!

Here is are our 2019 Tornado Alley Expedition schedule

Good dates are going quick for 2019..... book now or wait until 2020!

May 19 through May 23 -- With Warren -- Private Chase -- OPEN - $5,499.00 (per person) - Includes rescheduling guarantee - add a second person for 10 percent off! Special note: Extra days can be added to the beginning of this chase to make it a week or longer. Additional fees apply. No hassle rescheduling guarantee applies!

May 24 through June 2 -- With Warren -- RESERVED - SOMEONE IS GOING CHASING!

June 3 through June 7 -- With Warren -- Private Chase -- OPEN - $5,499.00 (per person) - Includes rescheduling guarantee - add a second person for 10 percent off! No hassle rescheduling guarantee applies!

June 8 through June 12 -- With Warren -- RESERVED BY Jerry - SOMEONE IS GOING CHASING!

Please email us for any questions or to make a reservation.

Custom Chase Adventures, Spotter / Chaser Training, Private Instruction and Safety Consulting

We are proud to announce our new Tactical Disaster & Storm Safety and Survival instruction.

• In-depth pre-and-post disaster and storm survival training. Perfect for insurance and construction appraisers, utility workers, first responders, emergency management, storm spotters, storm chasers or media chasers. Conducted during the off seasons.

• Focused tactical disaster and storm-related subjects including: hazardous weather driving skills, storm identification and threat assessment, basic emergency medical, severe weather meteorology. Photography and videography instruction also available.

Please contact us here for additional information.

Past volunteers scrapbook

Storm Chaser Tours - Tornado Expeditions use advanced, real time GPS tracking and live Doppler Radar systems to chase in a safe and productive manner. Doppler radar has three levels of redundancies for back-ups. We also use satellite, wireless and hard copy mapping.

Left: "Doc" Randy seen in the Arch Angel.

Below: Dan Connell having the "time of his life."

"Steph" seen near a tornadiac storm in West Texas.

Terms of deposit: All deposits received by the Provider are considered non-refundable. If the Participant cancels, or the chase is cancelled by the Provider due to the lack of pursuable weather, the deposit will not be refunded, but funds may be applied to a future chase period if such periods are available in the current or following year. The Participant agrees to these specific deposit terms upon the Provider's receipt of deposit. We are the only professional chase organization to offer a free rescheduling option. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Any activity near a thunderstorm (or travel to or from storms) is inherently dangerous. It is impossible to remove all dangers from pursuing storms as some are obvious while others may be complex and impossible to control or predict without completely eliminating the very nature of storm chasing. Storm chasing tours, tornado vacations, storm chasing holidays and similar activities will involve the risk of personal injury, property loss and death.