Basic cancellation and rescheduling terms:

Applies to Tornado Expeditions, Stand-By Chase Program and Arizona Monsoon Expeditions unless otherwise noted. Additional terms may apply.

Separate refund and cancelation terms may apply to those using an installment payment options.

Our mission is for you to have the experience of a lifetime. We do not wish to take your money for nothing in return. For this reason, we are the only professional and established tornado and storm expedition organization offering a re-scheduling program if no severe weather is forecast during your expedition timeframe.

Only under a few, specified circumstances will a deposit and/or final payment be refunded. Exceptions to "no refunding of deposits" include the following:

1: A National Homeland Security emergency forces the closure of all air transportation, preventing air travel on the reserved (inbound) dates.

2: We cancel the chase for any reason (excluding the rescheduling guarantee) prior to your first scheduled date, and the cancelation is not for reasons related to a breach of agreement by you.

3: You experience a serious injury requiring hospitalization or the immediate death or serious injury of a direct family member (spouse, daughter, son, mother, father).

If you cancel for any reason, except as allowed herein and within our agreement forms, any deposit or final payment is forfeited. (See rescheduling terms below). In some circumstances, we may attempt to re-schedule a chase period if you must cancel. In the event we are able to reschedule your cancelled dates we will refund your deposit in most circumstances

Specific "no severe weather guarantee," cancellation and rescheduling terms for Tornado Expeditions. (Does not apply to monsoon expeditions).

If we forecast conditions (usually 3-5 days in advance) that will not support severe weather during your chase period, we may offer you the option of rescheduling your chase. In such events, or in the event you must cancel for any reason, you may reschedule your chase dates. Rescheduling is subject to the following terms: All rescheduling must be within a two year period. Rescheduling is subject to available dates and additional fees if the changed dates occur during higher cost dates. (No refunds will be issued if the changed dates occur on lower cost dates). If we cancel our chase expedition program, there will be no refunds. In the event we agree to cancel the scheduled chase because of the "no severe guarantee," you may request a refund of the final 50%. However, the initial deposti is not refundable but will be applied to rescheduling. Additional terms may apply.

Monsoon Expedition Cancelations: If you cancel the Expedition for any reason before your arrival (except as noted in no's 1,2 and 3 above, no refunds will be issued. In most situations, if you cancel, we will attempt to reschedule your reserved dates and refund you if the dates are successfully executed. If you cancel after your arrival, no refund will be issed. In most situations, with the exception of serious breaches, any funds paid can be applied to a future date if available, with a rescheduling limit of 14 months. If we must cancel, you receive a full refund. Additional terms may apply.

Stand-by Tornado Expedition Cancellation and Rescheduling Terms: If we cancel the Expedition before your departure you receive a refund on the deposit or full payment if received. However, any fees or losses you incurre, including travel and lodging are your responsibility. There are no refunds or credits if you cancel except for a few specific reasons as outlined in no's 1,2 and three above.

Please contact us for more information or detailed cancellation, deposit, re-scheduling and refund terms.

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