Standby / Tornado Outbreak Expedition Information

When you absolutely, positively need to see a twister!

One of over 100 tornadoes reported in the Central Plains during a tornado outbreak on
Saturday, April 15, 2012. This dangerous tornado was shot south of Cheyenne, OK. at sunset.
Intercepted during a stand-by Storm Expeditions Unlimited operation.

How our standby / outbreak tornado expeditions work:

Our fixed-date, pre-reserved tornado expeditions run from Mid-May through the second week in June. However, many of the most extreme outbreaks occur outside our pre-reserved dates, from March 1 through May 15, June 15 though July and late season events sometimes occurring in October. We are on constant alert for these big days. In many instances, the big outbreaks are obvious from 10 to 7 days in advance, with generally a three day confirmation timeframe. Potential participants must be ready, able and willing to make last minute travel arrangements in order execute a successful mission. This is why our standby chases are usually best-suited for experienced travelers / adventurers.

When: From March 1 through May 15th. June 15 through July, October. You must be ready to depart within a four to six day advanced warning and a 24-48 hour final notice. This is generally during a "High Risk" of severe weather including violent and long tracked tornadoes.

Where: We limit our standby (and regular) intercepts to areas generally west of I-35 in Oklahoma. Heavy vegetation in the eastern regions of the U.S. make chasing very difficult, unproductive and dangerous because of the lack of visibility.

How: Our standby notifications are posted on our Facebook page. Please join this page to receive alerts and notices. We no longer maintain a separate email list. The process is first come, first served. Since many people cannot make the next available chase, the odds are very good to be offered a seat. We can take up to two people and there is a 10% discount for booking two people at the same time.

Cost and Payment Terms: Due to the "immediate" nature of this program, full payment is due upon acceptance of chase dates. Payment is accepted via PayPal ONLY. Cost varies, depending on the number of expected chase days. For a three day chase (pre-chase day, chase day, post-chase day) the cost is $5,499.00. For a four day chase (pre-chase day, two chase days, post-chase day) the cost is $6,499.00. This cost does not include lodging , meals or travel fees to and from the meeting / departure destination. Please note that the costs of last minute ground transportation, airfares, insurance, fuel, lodging and other costs are a major part of our operational expenses for standby chasing.

Refunds / Cancellations: There are NO refunds if you cancel for any reason or fail to arrive at the departure location on time. Funds paid can be applied to future standby or regular season chases. You agree to this term upon our receipt of payment. If we cancel for any reason, including changes in weather forecasts that prevent good chasing conditions, you will receive a full refund. Please note that the participant is responsible for any costs related to changes or cancellation to their itinerary due to changes in meeting / departure locations or cancelled missions.

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