Stand-by Tornado Expedition Information

When you absolutely, positively need to conquer a twister!

Storm Expeditions Unlimited

One of over 100 tornadoes reported in the Central Plains during a tornado outbreak on
Saturday, April 15, 2012. This dangerous tornado was shot south of Cheyenne, OK. at sunset.
Intercepted during a stand-by Storm Expeditions Unlimited operation.

How our stand-by tornado expeditions work:

The tornado season generally begins in the deep south in February and runs through June as the action moves further north and northwest. Our fixed-date, reserved tornado expeditions run from late April through the second week in June. These periods are generally booked in advance. However, many of the most extreme outbreaks occur outside this time frame, and in some instances, prime, un-reserved May and June dates may be available as stand-by expeditions.

Our team is on constant alert for these big days. We currently offer a special program that allows clients the opportunity to chase with us during these events.

If you really want to see a tornado, this program may offer you the best opportunity. We currently have a 100% tornado intercept record for our stand-by chases.

OK, I want to go!... When?

From February 1 through June (subject to reserved dates), you must be ready to depart within a four to six day advanced warning and a 24-48 hour final notice. This is generally during a "High Risk" of severe weather including violent and long tracked tornadoes. We will chase anywhere in the United States during these enhanced periods. In order to participate, we strongly suggest you contact our office and pre-register for stand-by status. When a potential event develops we will send out a Twitter and email notification. A list will be established based on a first come, first served basis. A deposit equal to one third of the total cost will be required to hold the expedition. We will remain in contact as the situation develops. A meeting location will generally be provided two to three days in advance, subject to change. We will try to meet on the day before the forecast event. The final payment is due upon your arrival via credit card payment or cash.

Who do I chase with?

Warren Faidley is the expedition leader for all stand-by chases.


Storm chasing is an expensive venture. This is especially true if you want to chase in a safe, productive and comfortable manner. Our fees are as follows.

Three days. Includes pre-chase day briefing, expedition day and return day. $4,900.00. Extra days for extended outbreaks can be added for $1,500 per day. There is no charge if extra return traveling time is required during an expedition. Fees do not cover lodging and meals.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! If we cancel the expedition before your arrival you receive a refund on the deposit. However, any fees or losses you incurre, including travel and lodging are your responsibility. There are no refunds if you cancel except for a few specific reasons. Please see our cancellation policies here

How do I get on your stand-by notification list on Twitter?

By joining my Twitter account: Twitter Account.

I have a question. How do I contact your office?

Contact our office

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