Storm Tour Volunteer Testimonials Continued

(Rich's testimonial continued)

During those years, I searched the Web for Tours. Mostly what I found was "airport shuttle" style tours, where quite a few people are packed in a Van. Yes, this sounded exciting but I wanted something more. Once day I came across Warren Faidleys' website offering a "private tour". Yes, private, one-on-one !!! Now this really excited me so I conacted him. After the 1st conversation I booked my spot.

The additional costs for the private tour in my eyes was certainly priceless. Warren and I spent the (7) days together. Morning thru evening, talking, living, breathing Storms !!! Warren is very knowlegeable in his Chase Endeavours. Everyday we found a Storm/Supercell. Chased some really nice Supercells in which 1 produced a Funnel. We saw the Greensburg TX cell form along with the Moore OK cell form. Both were unchaseable as they went into Rural areas. Warren is very safe in his chase methods. We always had an "out" when on the road which made me feel quite confortable seeing Mothers Natures fury up close and personal.

Warren has a great sense of humor, but when its business, its business. Every morning we used research tools to "forecast" where the greatest area would be targeted for severe weather. Then we hopped in the Chase Vehcile (which is kick-ass !!!) and headed for our target area. And everyday we found a storm. He's like a Storm Bloodhound.

I'm looking to chase again with Warren. Hoping for my 55th in 2017.

Rich Ryczek

"Warren was able to change my date after I arrived during an 'off week.' Otherwise, I'd been staring at clear Texas skies!"

Larry, from the UK - 2010.